Summary CV


Associate Professor and Interim Chair

Department of Creative Arts Therapies, Drexel University College of Nursing and Health

Assistant Dean for Special Research Initiatives

Co-founder: GVM consulting and analysis

Independent Visual artist

President-Elect: The American Art Therapy Association

[email protected]


Harvard University Graduate School of Education: Doctorate in Human Development & Psychology, 2007

Drexel University: Master of Arts, 2001

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India: Bachelor of Arts in textile design

Professional Positions

Drexel University:

  • Associate Professor (with tenure)
  • Interim Chair
  • Assistant Dean for Special Research Initiatives

Temple University:   Senior Researcher

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia:  Research Project Manager

Harvard University Kennedy School of Government: Research assistant

Span India Private Limited:  Textile Designer

Funded Research and Evaluation Grants

  • FMRI assessment of the impact of art therapy on veterans with post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts through the Creative forces initiative, this project in collaboration with the University of Florida will be the first prospective imaging study of the impact of art therapy.
  • Veterans with Gulf War Illness: Understanding the spectrum of experiences related to demographics and aging. Funded by the Department of Defense, this project is a qualitative grounded theory study of the experience of gulf war illness. The findings are expected to help generate a MOOc curriculum for healthcare providers.
  • Arts Research on Chronic Stress: Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and Creative Forces, this project focuses on examining the role of the arts therapies on chronic stress related to illnesses like cancer and traumatic brain injury.
  • Virtual Reality Based Art Therapy (PI): Funded by Drexel University and the International Arts+Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins University, the study examines ways to integrate virtual reality into art therapy approaches as well as pilot outcomes.
  • Arts-Based approaches to spiritual well being at the end of life (2015,Co-PI). Funded by The Foundation for Spirituality and Medicine, the project involves analysis of physiological, survey and narrative data from an arts based intervention for patients and caregivers at the end-of-life.
  • Research on Art Therapy with the military (2015): Funded by The Writer’s Center and sourced from the National Endowment for the Arts, the project involves research and evaluation of arts therapy data from the Walter Reed National Medical Center: National Intrepid Center of Excellence.
  • Evaluation of the Save the children’s Healing and education through the arts (HEART) initiative: Research and Evaluation consultant (2007-present): Funded by Save the Children USA, the project is a multisite evaluation of the healing and education through the arts initiative. The project uses a mixed methods design to assess outcomes of art participation on preschool children in trauma zones.
  • Research and evaluation for the Art of Growing Leaders: Funded by ArtWell, a community arts organization the evaluation uses a mixed methods approach including arts based data to assess the impact of a youth identity and leadership development initiative. PI for evaluation 
  • Drexel University Career Development Award grant (2014-2015): The project funds a pilot entitled “Understanding the underlying mechanisms of health and human development through self expression in the creative arts” and a guest speaker series.PI
  • Evaluation of the Philadelphia High School leadership Project (2008-2013): Funded through the U.S. Department of Education School Leadership Program grant. The project was a collaboration between the School District of Philadelphia, Lehigh University and the National Association of Secondary School Principals. PI for evaluation subcontract
  • Evaluation of the Teacher Incentive Fund in Philadelphia (2008-2011): Co-PI for evaluation subcontract: Funded by U.S. Department of Education the project was a large mixed methods longitudinal study that examined the impact of differentiated payouts and professional development on teacher and student outcomes.
  • Evaluation of the Allentown Principal Leadership Initiative (2010-2015) :  PI for evaluation subcontract: Funded through the U.S. Department of Education School Leadership Program grant. The project is a collaboration between the Allentown School District, Lehigh University and the National Association of Secondary School Principals.
  • Provost’s Seed Grant on Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Arts Education, (2009-2010): Co-PI: A collaboration between the Tyler School of Art, the Boyer School of Music and Dance, the College of Education and the Institute on Disabilities. Developed three syllabi that integrated the arts into courses for pre-service elementary, middle grades and established teachers at Temple University.
  • Evaluation of the NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholar Fellowship Grant (2010-2013): PI for evaluation: The Noyce scholarships provide tuition support for students interested in careers as math and science educators in high needs urban schools. The evaluation examines the impact of financial support on student commitments to education. Funded by Temple University through a grant from the National Science Foundation and Temple University.
  • Evaluation of the OxfamAmerica Gender mainstreaming, Learning and Accountability Initiative: (2012) Co-PI: Funded by OxfamAmerica, the evaluation examined the effectiveness and impact of a five year initiative to address gender disparities within the organization, its grantees and regional program partners.
  • Evaluation of the young Leaders Training program (2012-2013): PI: Funded by Abraham’s Path through a grant from the Fetzer Institute, the evaluation examined the effectiveness of leadership training initiative for young leaders and entrepreneurs from Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Turkey. The program seeks to build regional cooperation and interfaith understanding through tourism and walking trails along Abrahams Path.

Awards and honors

      • International travel award, Drexel University (2019)
      • Faculty Senate representative from CNHP (2018-2021)
      • Best paper (authorship) award (2018), Canadian Art Therapy Association Journal
      • Faculty summer research award (2017), Drexel University
      • Nominated for Excellence in Teaching Award (2017), CNHP, Drexel University
      • Global Classroom Award (2016), Drexel University
      • Assessment Fellow, Drexel University (2016
      • American Art Therapy Association research award (2015), American Art Therapy Association
      • Career Development Award (2014), Drexel University
      • Dissertation Support Fund (2006), Harvard University Graduate School of Education
      • Advanced Doctoral Grant, (2005), Harvard University Graduate School of Education
      • Gender Studies Doctoral Research Award (2003), Harvard Graduate School of Education
      • Dean’s Award for doctoral students (2002), Harvard Graduate School of Education
      • Alpha Eta Honors Society, (2001),Elected member
      • Sherry Jaspan Lyons Award for clinical excellence in therapy with children and adolescents, (2001) Drexel University
      • Award for overall outstanding achievement and scholarship, (2001) Drexel University